"Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex." – Havelock Ellis

Chapter Proposal 1: The Evolution of Homosexuality

Chapter Proposal 1
The Evolution of Homosexuality

Natural selection demonstrates the idea that the main goal of an organism should be to pass on ones own genes, in order to do this, one must reproduce sexually. Numerous organisms have done this in varying ways. Often times, death seems like a better outcome than not passing on ones own genes through producing offspring. If reproducing sexually seems to be the main goal or purpose of living organisms, then how could homosexuality be selected for over time? Some other potential questions may be: was it actually selected for ⎯or was it merely a mutation, how has homosexuality questioned Darwin and his principles, and if not beneficial how has it manifested itself over time?
The idea of homosexuality as a topic came from a chapter from “Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to all Creation” where Judson describes multiple ways to “win even if you’re a loser” where she introduces the sneaker model. Homosexuality could potentially be a way for a loser to aid his kin in reproduction and pass on some lineage of genes. Also, the homosexuality idea proposes the topic of sex for pleasure. Because sex, in most organisms, is solely for reproduction, in homosexuals it would propose a factor of pleasure.
My working thesis would potentially be⎯homosexuality has posed itself as evolutionarily beneficial for males or females that may not otherwise be able to reproduce, and through kin selection they are able to assist in reproduction of kin and the perpetuation of distant genes. A second working thesis could potentially be⎯ there are genetic predispositions resulting in homosexuality that may have risen through mutation, but have manifested itself in generation after generation through kin selection.

Potential References:
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  Sarah Bray wrote @

Rebecca, I think this will be a great topic. I’m guessing your thesis will be whether or not you think there is evidence that there is a selective reason for the existence of homosexuality. You’ll have to contend with what evidence there is (or isn’t) for a genetic OR developmental basis for homosexuality. If it is really developmental, then there cannot really be a selective explanation for homosexuality’s existence. Also, although present across the animal kingdom, homosexuality may have different root causes.

  olivebecks wrote @

Great! Do you think it is okay to start working on my proposal today?

  Sarah Bray wrote @

That was your proposal. We will officially choose topics and delineate their extent in our discussion tomorrow.

  olivebecks wrote @

I meant outline, haha sorry. Im constantly confusing myself.

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[…] Chapter Proposal 1: The Evolution of Homosexuality (rkoliver14.wordpress.com) […]

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[…] Chapter Proposal 1: The Evolution of Homosexuality (rkoliver14.wordpress.com) […]

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